Thursday, December 3, 2015

Mark Goffeney, a differently abled individual presents his talents to a huge crowd with massive self-reliance. Running his toes over strings, flexibly moving his legs over the chords and creating unbelievable music, he enjoys the rhythm by entertaining the crowd. This is amazing talent in show. How many of us have second thoughts of being in front of a huge a crowd even with a simplest mistake of ourselves? His confidence to present himself and do well along with a different pattern of his own, provides good evidence of self-appreciation.

If oceans were filled with gold not with water, gold wouldn’t be so treasurable to the world. Such are lives of people like Mark, they are in few to expose the worth of living. Our lives from the day we were born spends in counts of opportunities, luck and desires.  We all dream bigger dreams of having beautiful lives. Out of the thousands of people who tries to win their worlds, exists people who try to build their worlds in ours.

Music, is a part of our soul’s rhythm which creates natural peace within. Mark’s talent in blend with that, forms powerful courage in one’s mind. On the day meant for them of the year, let’s all wish for them to be polished up with their own talents and shape up more strength and courage in winning the world in ways of their own.

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