Wednesday, December 2, 2015

You hear the name ‘Vaseline’ and may think it only has a few uses, but this will make you miss out on one of the cheapest beauty remedies out there!

Below, you’ll find 19 unusual uses for Vaseline, and why this 140+ year-old product needs to become part of your daily routine. From keeping your cuticles and elbows from drying out, to preventing crazy streaks when you get a spray tan, this product will change your life. Use it to mask split ends in-between trims, and soothe your skin after shaving!

Keep reading to discover all 19 unusual uses for Vaseline. You won’t believe how this product will change your beauty routine.

01. Soften dry or cracked elbows suffering from winter’s lack of moisture.

02. Struggle with your nail polish bottles? Put a little Vaseline under the cap and make your next mani/pedi a breeze!

03. Never get lipstick on your teeth again! Put a little Vaseline on your teeth and keep them pearly white.  This is a technique often used by beauty contestants.

04. To prevent streaks if you are heading out for a spray tan, rub on the backs of ankles, knees and hands to stop those tan lines. Keep that glow going during winter months!

05. Make those eyelashes grow! Put a little Vaseline on your lashes at night, and watch them lengthen – no prescription necessary.

06. Maintain your perfume scent: if you rub a little Vaseline on your wrists and neck, it’ll help your perfume stick around.

07. Beat split ends between trims: rub a dab of Vaseline between your fingers, then touch up your ends. Be careful not to use too much!

08. Have a big interview tomorrow? Use some Vaseline to touch up your scuffed boots or heels, making them look good as new!

09. Prevent those embarrassing hair dye stains on your forehead: Softly dab all over your hairline and keep that box hair dye from dying your skin the color of your new ‘do.

10. Soothe dry skin after shaving.

11. Smear on your face and neck for softer skin! But be cautious if you have super sensitive skin. It does not clog pores, but you know your own skin better than anyone else.

12. Use as an exfoliant: just add some sea salt, and scrub away in the shower. You’ll come out feeling silky and refreshed!

13. Do you ever struggle putting in your earrings? Use a little Vaseline and they should slide right in!

14. Make plucking your eyebrows easier by rubbing a little on the area to soften your skin.

15. Easily remove that sticky leftover glue from your false eyelashes with a touch of Vaseline.

16. Amp up your eye shadow or blush – turn them into creams by adding some Vaseline to the mix!

17. Take care of those cuticles: add a dab and rub in to keep them from drying out (especially during winter months!).

18. Have kissable lips! Use Vaseline as a balm, and even try adding some koolaid to make it a lip stain.

19. Easy makeup remover: use some Vaseline to take off last night’s make up, and be fresh faced and ready for the day!


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