Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Polish artist Igor Morski uses Photoshop to create stunning, surreal worlds in which he questions the fabric of modern society and shows the pain and suffering that can be found behind modern living.

He tackles issues like the growing number of single parents.

And just how busy everyone seems to be all the time.

As well as the pressure society puts on young people to be a certain way. Or perhaps he’s saying that we’re all just children in grown-up bodies.

His detailed photomanipulations are eerily realistic.

Igor worked in broadcasting and press illustration before going solo in 1995.

And now uses his art to question political and social ideology in the western world.

Including our obsession with technology.

And how out of touch with our emotions we can be, compartmentalizing everything instead of connecting with ourselves.

There’s no topic Igor won’t take on, from obesity…

… to CCTV.

And the masks we wear every day.

You can see more of Igor’s work at his websiteigor.morski.pl

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