Saturday, August 20, 2016

01: Things are just kind of intense.

Everything about your relationship seems intense. What you do for fun, your ideas, your passions, your fights - everything has a certain fire behind it.

02: You feel like you've known them forever.

A soul mate is a person defined as someone who shares a piece of your soul, so chances are, you've actually known them in a past life. So that extremely familiar feeling makes sense. You should know them. You have a part of each other in you both.

03You just get each other.

It's not something I can especially easily describe here. But there's just something between you that clicks. You understand what they're thinking and feeling.

04You love even their imperfections.

If you feel like you constantly need to change your partner for the better, it's not exactly a good sign. With a soul mate, you'll find even their stranger quirks and imperfections endearing.

05You just can't picture life without them.

Once you've met your soul mate, you just can't see going on without them. It's impossible to picture what life would be like without them gracing your presence.

06It's like you two against the whole world.

No matter what shit might go down, you have each others' backs. You can ride out any storm together.

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