Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Rizwan shaikh from Mumbai shares the story of his Mother’s love and sacrifices for him. I was shocked to see my mother today standing in a bucket full of hot water preparing roti(food) for me before I leave to office! Her legs were paining since yesterday but she makes sure that her children don’t leave the house empty stomach! Now this is the unconditional love of a mother! Thank you almighty for blessing me with such wonderful parents! May God help each and every one of us to take care and love our parents till the end…

No Blessing is Bigger than the Blessings of Your Parents… We all have seen our Mother waking up early morning just to prepare our breakfast/lunch for school/college/office, she does countless sacrifices just so we can live with comforts,  Your Parents do Everything for you, When the Time comes for you to “Give Back” to them Make sure you NEVER Turn your Back on them.

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