Sunday, May 31, 2015

When Athena Serbus-Krueger began experiencing chest pains, she went to the hospital. It was there that doctors gave her the news that she pregnant.

Athena and her husband, Ben, were excited.

“They came back and said, ‘you are pregnant and that is why you having pain in your chest, it’s all due to pregnancy,’ ” Athena said.

The chest pains persisted. Athena felt a lump in her breast but doctors assured her that it was a swollen milk duct caused by her pregnancy.

However, Athena had an instinct. She asked for more tests. The results came back with heartbreaking news: Athena had Stage 2 invasive ductile carcinoma, a rare pregnancy triggered breast cancer.

There is nothing easy about this circumstance, but every child born in it is a gift.

“We had to give everything to God constantly. I sat here and said, I give it all to you God. It’s all in your hands, and I know it’s all going to work out,” she said.

The cancer was so aggressive she had to undergo chemotherapy while 15 weeks pregnant.

In order to continue to receive treatment, her daughter, Amari had to be delivered prematurely via c-section when Athena was just 32 weeks along.

Athena, a true fighter, underwent more radiation, chemotherapy and surgery so that she could be there for her baby girl.

Unfortunately, the cancer spread to her lungs, lymph nodes, and brain. Just weeks before Amari was turning 1 year old, her mother’s time was fleeting.

Before Athena left this earth, one brave mommy, she decided to do something special for Amari.

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