Thursday, May 14, 2015

We all probably dislike mosquitoes because they are pesky and buzzing blood sucking insects-nightmares of our summers. On one hand, we have people who get bitten by mosquitoes very rarely, whereas others are bitten more often.

All people, regardless of age, race or gender, release 4 chemicals, one of which is nonanal. Such a chemical (together with carbon dioxide) attracts mosquitoes. The reason why some people are more bitten then others, is because everyone has different nonanal levels.

There are various bug sprays but none of them is truly helpful. Instead of buying expensive bug repellents you can make a more efficient and cheaper version at home.

After you use it, you can try to enjoy your summer nights and completely forget about these little, annoying insects.


100 grams of fresh garlic clove

½ liter of rubbing alcohol

100 ml of baby oil

Put the garlic and the alcohol in a bowl and leave them for 4 days like that. The results will be even better if you stir the mixture twice per day. After those 4 days, add baby oil and you will get a bug repellent.

You can put it in a bottle and apply when needed. You only need few drops onto each bitten area. The most helpful way is to spray from this repellent onto your ankles, back of the neck, back of the knees and wrists, but you get bitten in other areas as well, so also apply where you think you have to.

This is also a flea repellent and you can save your dog from these annoying insects.

Be always careful with this repellent which is full of strong ingredients and you should avoid eye contact and never try to ingest it. Always keep it away from children and be around them when they apply it. In any case, it is healthier than the bought repellents.

If you do not want to use baby oil or alcohol, try this recipe:

Choose one of these essential oils: Clove, lemongrass, citronella, tea tree, cajeput, rosemary, cedar, catnip, lavender, mint, eucalyptus

Distilled or boiled water

Natural witch hazel
  • Fill a ½ of a spray bottle with distilled or boiled water
  • Add the witch hazel to fill the bottle almost to the top
  • Add 30 to 50 drops of essential oil to achieve the desired scent. The more oil, the stronger the spray.
These insects are not only annoying creatures but also transmit diseases. The more bites you have, the more exposed you are to diseases such as Malaria and West Nile. Such a bug repellent will be helpful for your health and you are now free to have a wonderful, bug-less summer evening!

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