Saturday, May 16, 2015

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When I was a child i wandered what prompted John Gray say “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”,, but when I grew up my eyes were  opened  to see them  and I felt  It's incredible how I didn't see them before since they're so polar opposite and incredibly obvious.

There are many more funny differences between men and women that have actually laid a very interesting foundation to an amazing study on this topic all around the world. While some of those differences between men and women are amazing to know, some are funny to read and some are very offensive. Well you are wiser and can judge better …
The images below   pretty much sum up in one humorous list the differences between men and women, and I hope you won't be able to disagree with any of them

01: On packing..

02: How their tables and home screen  looks like..

03: On text messaging..

04: On facebook..

05: When sharing the bed..

06: When they get a message from their crush that he/ she is going to visit her/ him..

07: Getting a hair cut..

08: When looking for a partner..

09: At the end of a relationship..  

10: Amount of work required to look good..

11: Video games ..

12: Things they worry about..

13: When they read something emotional..

14: On body image..

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