Friday, October 28, 2016

In Kalyana Mitta Sutta, a text in the original Pali canon of discourses directly attributed to the historical Buddha, check out this list of seven qualities the Buddha says you should look for in a friend:

Friends, a friend endowed with seven qualities is worth associating with.
Which seven? (applied for both male and female)

01. He/she gives what is hard to give.

02. He/she does what is hard to do.

03. He endures what is hard to endure.

04. He reveals his secrets to you. 

05. He keeps your secrets.

06. When misfortunes strike,  He doesn’t abandon you.

07. When you’re down & out, He doesn’t look down on you.

A friend endowed with these seven qualities
Is worth associating with.

He gives what is beautiful,
hard to give,
does what is hard to do,
endures painful,
ill-spoken words.

His secrets he tells you,
your secrets he keeps.

When misfortunes strike,
he doesn’t abandon you;
when you’re down & out,
doesn’t look down on you.

A person in whom
these traits are found,
is a friend to be cultivated
by anyone wanting a friend.

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