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Cancer, a deadly disease that is considered the epidemic of the 21st century is a challenge for many scientists and research  field for years. We still do not know the exact reason why it occurs, though there are a million theories. Some say that the problem is inherent and written in DNA, others that cancer occurs as a defense mechanism to harmful environmental factors, or they say the reason is a change in the acidity of the body.

In reality, there are many fascinating theories, and each makes sense, but an exact answer is not yet obtained.

One of the many who are concerned with this issue is Gregg BradenAmerican  author of New Age literature, who spoke about the 2012 phenomenon – that claims the magnetic fields of the Earth will change its places, and that would affect human DNK.

But what is more interesting, he argues that our emotions have strong effect of our body, and therefore on our DNA. He strongly believes that collective prayer, suggestion or thoughts can influence and heal any physical illness.

Cancer Cells

According to him, there is a web of energy,a field, where our thoughts are related to the physical world. The essential field he mentions is scientifically proven and explained in the science journal  “Nature” n.332, 1996.

Control over thoughts and emotions

Energy is something that cannot be created or destroyed, but is transferred from one type to another. Even Nikola Tesla believed that will come a day when people’s minds will be so advanced, so that we can produce electricity with our own thoughts. According to Braden, our thoughts  and emotions, create an electromagnetic field, whose waves reach 1 meter of our body.

However, we speak about focused and strong thoughts as oppose to scattered thoughts of everything we see or feel. Yet, it is about a strong and focused thoughts, apart from scattered thoughts that come across everyday. Strictly speaking – collective thoughts can form a strong electromagnetic field that can have a strong influence on the environment.

While it may sound like science fiction,it can be found scientific evidence on this subject . There is ultrasonographic video of a Chinese hospital that shows treatment of cancer with dimensions 3×2,5 cm in less than 3 minutes.

But to create such a strong electromagnetic field, we should strongly believe, learn to control our emotions and focus our thoughts. Our feelings and emotions act as a mirror and what is inside us is reflected in our environment. Strictly speaking, we get what we have created in us. For example, if in our minds are running thoughts as “I will be happy or sad, I’ll be sick or cured, I will succeed or fail”, it will be reflected in our near future.

However, if you strongly believe and feel that we are changing at this very moment,  a change in our DNA is going to happen, and therefore we will change too.

Although scientists for years argued that our beliefs and emotions have nothing to do with our life and disease, however psycho-oncology argues otherwise.

It is absolutely our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and beliefs the ones that control what happens to us and in our life in general.

Here’s a video of Braden explaining the connection of our emotions with our DNA:

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