Tuesday, April 7, 2015

This folk remedy method has been tested before many times, and has proved efficient in the treatment of various conditions in the folk medicine. The method is simple and all you have to do is place a cotton with brandy to the navel. With this method the whole body gets rid of pain and relaxes.

This method is very effective when we have sore muscles, flu or cold. It is a great alternative to using over the counter medications.

When you have a cold or flu and you cough, simply soak cotton in brandy, push it nicely and put it in the navel. You can tapeit with a band aid,duct tape, light tape or cover it with a cloth and a nylon bag. Whatever is most comfortable to you.

Use the same method, stay in the supine position and press cotton with hands,during menstrual pain. To ease the pain in your stomach, as well as, to avoid vomiting during travelyou can do the following: Soak the cotton in brandy, push it, sprinkle it with salt and stick it on the navel.

Source:fhfn.org  Via:Themirrorpost.com 

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