Saturday, September 5, 2015

When it comes to sleeping positions, we all choose the one that is the most comfortable. But, some sleeping positions are recommended by experts as more healthy.

Sleeping on your back is good for you but if you sleep on the right side you must stop because of the next few reasons: 

For Pregnant Women..

Although this advice cannot be followed always because sometimes we are not even aware how we sleep, doctors tell pregnant women that the right side should be avoided while sleeping. And these are some of the reasons: 

01. Decreased blood flow in the uterus. 

02. Some doctors claim that this sleeping position can damage the placenta which is very important for baby’s health. 

03. The baby will receive less nutrients from the food you consume. 

04. Because of the few pounds more, sleeping on the right side for longer period of time can damage your liver which is dangerous. 

05. The most horrifying consequence is the increased risk of stillbirth. The risk is greater during the final 3 months.

For Your Health..

Sleeping on the right side is not healthy not only for pregnant women but for every person as well. Read what kind of health problems this sleeping position can cause: 

01. Heartburn..

This is very usual condition in pregnant women. Nevertheless many people suffer from this problem and it can get worse if you usually sleep on the right side. 

02. Numbness.. 

If you are used to sleeping on the right side or even if you sleep and on the left side, you probably wake up with numb arm every morning. The reason is because most of your weight goes on one arm and the blood circulation is limited in that way. This condition is commonly known as “rubber arm” because while you sleep you make a pressure on the nerves that cause needles and pins in your arm. This unpleasant feeling can wake you up in the middle of the night after which you often can’t fall asleep again. If this happens almost every night can cause insomnia –sleeping disorder. 

03. Precancerous..

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is caused by heartburn and is bad for your health because can cause cancer. Sleeping on the right side is not so bad because it has positive sides as lowering blood pressure and your heart rate. But if you are not pregnant the best sleeping position is sleeping on the back.

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