Friday, September 4, 2015

Although the pharmacy can provide you with many medicines which can help with your problem, we advise you to try this homemade remedy if you want to achieve better results. 

Ear wax removal drops often contain isopropyl alcohol for rinsing and drying the ear. On the other hand this completely natural remedy is prepared with rubbing alcohol and white vinegar

White vinegar is great in fighting infections because of its great antibiotic and antibacterial properties. And when these two powerful ingredients are united they are very successful against infections, they dry the ear, alleviate pain and dissolve ear wax. 

This remedy is only used for minor ear infections, ear wax or water in the ear. Immediately consult your doctor if you have more serious problem.

Earwax and Ear Infections Home Remedy Recipe As we have mentioned above you will only need two ingredients to prepare this remedy-rubbing alcohol and white vinegar. Fill the half of a small container with white vinegar and the other half with rubbing alcohol. Lean your head on one side and pour 5 milliliters of this mixture (that is one teaspoon) in the ear. Don’t move for 1 min, and then sit upright so the mixture could drain out from the ear. 

The treatment should be repeated two times a day if you have problems with earwax, water in the ear or ear infection. 

Note If there is no improvement after 3 days, you should visit your doctor In case you do not feel improvement in three days, please see your doctor! If you have ruptured eardrum, you should take pain killer! 

We recommend trying this homemade remedy as it is proven to be highly beneficial especially if you have problems with earache or ear infection.

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