Tuesday, March 3, 2015

By:Ben Sharp..

I know many people will be able to relate to the points below and I myself have and still do experience these ‘truths’ about not succeeding at my dreams or goals. Many of these truths are obvious, but many people do not accept or realise that they do them on a regular basis and continue to blame other forces for their unsatisfying lives. I hope, though, that having more awareness as to why your situation in life is not what you want it to be will help in the pursuit of your dreams. There is no ultimate truth as to why you are here and no one thing that will fill that hole, though many people find some comfort in feeling that that ultimate truth can be an invisible force that’s within and around you at all times, at every moment of your life. For some, that realization is all they need for, well, happiness.

Based on your religious, political or ethical background you may already have an idea of what your dream is, though I write this post with the intention of displaying the obvious truths the common, everyday working person faces in their pursuit of happiness. In our deranged politically and economically controlled society, people often find themselves in a situation where they ponder the notion of dropping everything and following their dreams. Most people are too tied down by jobs and money to simply drop everything, though there is always time to work on your dream, even if it’s only a few moments every day – it adds up!

It’s time to do some re-evaluating of your life and really find out what it is you want to do. I myself am still on this seemingly endless search, though I feel I will get there. It may seem prejudiced — writing this article without living my own dream — though I see the following 5 points as obvious truths we all choose to ignore and suppress in our daily lives, but we all still wonder “why am I not living the life I want to live?”

“When was it when you stopped dreaming and became a man?”


By this I mean you are a day dreamer. You ponder great ideas and fantasies but never act on them or attempt to pursue and satisfy these abstract interests. You lay in bed every night wishing you worked on that project today or elaborated on that idea you had, eagerly waiting for tomorrow so you can finally attempt to put your dream in motion. You are never going to achieve anything — or any dream for that matter — without some practical effort involved. Try carrying around a notebook and pen for when inspiration arises and act on the ideas you have as soon as possible — before you have time to second-guess your thoughts.


You sleep in, take long showers, take an unnecessarily long time to do simple tasks, watch too much TV, spend too much time on your phone and use those spare seconds in your day to stare off blankly, waiting for time to pass by. What are you waiting for? To get home so you can do nothing and then do the same the next day? Seems like you are just waiting for retirement, where you will have all the time in the world to ponder the things you wish you had of done in the earlier years of your life. Why not just push yourself while you’re still resilient and pursue something you really want to do, what’s the worst that can happen? Even if you get there and it’s not what you expected the world is your oyster and the next opportunity is waiting around the corner if you are willing to take that next step yourself!


This kind of relates to number 3, though I felt like separating it for one reason or another. If you were to calculate the time you could have otherwise spent being productive, i.e. downtime, you would most likely have months, maybe years worth of more well-spent time working towards or doing something you love. If you were to use all that that downtime in a productive manner such as maybe reading, writing or planning your goals and dreams, you would most likely find yourself in a situation where you are more flexible with what path you want to take in life. Finding some habits to get into that either help your thinking or help you work towards some form of goal may be worthwhile to look into so you can stop wasting time and actually do something you want to do.


No, I am not talking about physical and mental health (but that does matter). What I mean by ‘neglecting yourself’ is that you suppress what makes you a conscious human. Without sounding too much like a mystic, you neglect your subconscious desire for intuition and change, which is what makes you, you. Ideas and thoughts are suppressed either because you believe they are impractical or your firm morals and conservative beliefs stop any kind of development. We as humans strive for change and seeking of the unknown, so what is stopping you from branching out and doing something a little different? Drop the ‘have to’s’ and pick up some ‘what if’s.’ Ever feel like your ideas or dreams won’t work? Have a quick look around the internet and you will find loads of ideas and people who are well on the weird side but are making it big and living their dreams.


If you think these tips are silly and that the orthodox, conservative routine you live day to day is the only way to live than your mindset is most of the problem. The only way to live a dream is firstly to have a dream. You would be surprised at the amount of people who do not really have a desired dream they could openly discuss when asked the question ‘What is your dream?’ Many would say “money, a solid job, or family” but they are only key roles that are played in your dream’s overall production and not the dream itself. You need to really ask yourself, “when I’m dead, will I have lived the life I really wanted to live, or the life others expected of me?”

Source:truth theory

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