Tuesday, April 19, 2016

You may have never heard about this danger, but since summer is right around the corner, it’s definitely important to learn about this.

It involves citrus fruits and sunshine. Now things like lemonade, cocktails and fresh citrus fruit are all staples of the summer months. But as it turns out, handling these fruits in the sun is very dangerous. Morgan Moore found this out the hard way and we could all learn from her experience so the same doesn’t happen to us. While making drinks for a barbecue, she had been handling limes. Even though she rinsed her hands off, it was not enough to completely remove the juice and cause the harm which occurred. Her hands began burning and blistering up after only a short time in the sun after handling the limes.

Morgan speaks about how it all went down:

“I went under the sink and kind of rinsed it off but I didn’t thoroughly wash it off and then I went out in the sun and I didn’t put any sunscreen on anywhere cause I was only out for 30 minutes. It was probably one of the worst pains I’ve ever felt. It was bad.”

It turned out to cause painful, third-degree chemical burns and for two entire weeks she was actually not able to even use her hands. It now looks like it will take an entire month for her hands to heal. It’s called phytophotodermatitis and apparently it is caused by the manner in which the chemicals in the citrus juice ends up interacting with UV light. The result is a nasty blistering and burning on the skin.

So what’s the solution? First off always wash your skin thoroughly. Next, apply sunscreen. Finally, always be aware when handling lime juice to not be in the sun or expose your skin to the sun.

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