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Empaths are persons who are so sensitive that their main mode of interaction is energy vibrations, as they are very sensitive to energy.

The problem this poses is that most Empaths use their ability to manipulate others or to hide, rather than to feel and live. This is called ‘helping others’.

Reading up on what I was when I first found that there was a name for it was very discouraging. What it told me was:

You are exposed and open to danger in this world. Stay safe, and get your Protection Shield on the way.

As I have been told hundreds of times before, I am Sensitive.

But what is disgusting to me is that all of the blogs, online articles and forums I have visited have portrayed empathy and Highly Sensitive People (HSP) as persons who exalt their delicate emotional status and blood doll issues as if it were a mark of pride on this Earth.

Of course, not all Empaths are like that, just most of them. Also, the technique I use to survive may not really work for others. The only thing I know is that the classic advice offered as a solution to ‘cope/protect/shield’ was useless for me, and in fact ended up making things worse.

My Learnings:

Just because I am sensitive does not make more important or special than others around me. Neither does it make me weak or helpless. Empaths develop their abilities at different acuteness for many varied reasons; some may have received it as a gift at birth, others find a way to divine the emotions of people around them as a defence mechanism post being abused. However they may have become what they are, it does not make them any better at mastering an instrument, or picking up a sport. It is just another type of person on this vast planet.

I don’t mean to demean this gift or the power it gives the Empath, but I do not feel it gives us any kind of super power or makes us super humans in any way, either, and here are my reasons:

Most Empaths develop a core belief that they are not worthy of anything, and it is imperative that they not only see their importance on this planet but also to understand that being a Sensitive does not make us any more important than other beings here. This ‘feeling special’ will only lead to a road of superiority and loneliness, which is the point of what we are, actually, because the very basic emotion that makes us so sensitive to the energies of those around us means that at the base of everything, everyone is connected, together. Everyone is universal. Joining that energy in harmony, instead of moving away, or shielding from it is what will lead us, and the world, to Deep Healing.

Secondly, marking yourself as an Empath to protect your Sensitive Nature by staying away from people will eventually lead to a veneration of dependencies on those people, and unwholesome limits arising from the false belief that Humanity is dependent on us for their happiness, which in turn will cause us to have a ‘helper’ attitude.

Alternately, Empath takes the advice to shield themselves and stay away from the world, in hiding, thinking that to survive in this world, this is what we need to do. They cut off from all relationships and from life itself, and label it ‘coping with being Sensitive’,

These are the two snags for uninitiated and badly in need of help Empaths, and I was one of the, But, helping the world or hiding from people is not the answer. It is not living.

Such Empaths who become either Helpers or as they are known, Light Workers, in the end just lead to poisonous relationships by causing a dependency between people and Empaths, by creating a need for them to depend on the Empath’s power, in turn disempowering them. It’s a big mess of emotional dependency.

Letting energy vampires thrive around you is not the reason is not what it is to be an Empath.

Spending your life trying to make others happy will neither empower you nor make your life better. Losing focus on your own happiness to make others happy will just make a Blood Doll.


Don’t let others be Energy Vampires around you, you are not their food. It is like killing your energy and is very unhealthy for you. You don’t glorify those dependent on you by telling them that you can save them, or that the only way for them to be happy is you, or by trying to heal them. You are leading them to a sort of ruin; you are disempowering them.

This is why there has always been a clash between narcissism and empathy.

You should try to change only yourself. When you change yourself and are able to master your emotions, it is a gift for this world, because they can see that it is possible. You empower them with self-belief and become an icon.

If you are born with your sensitivity and the ability to read vibrations, it is because your soul wanted to learn to use these abilities and to wield them for empowering yourself and leading to the evolution of your soul. With your self-evolution, you will add on to the vast knowledge for mastery over self into the consciousness of the Universe. Others who see this will get inspired and begin to believe that they can do it too. On the other hand, trying to heal people on Earth will simply bring more and more persons who will need healing, and it is not possible to reach them all, besides the fact that it will completely drain your power if you try.

You don’t need to fix the world, the Universe is functioning as it was meant to already. It returns to people what they give it, and gives our own reflection back to us. This is what makes it perfect for self-evolution, and which is why mastery over our emotions is so important. To make a difference in this world, we need to have power in our own lives first.

Of course, it is important to love everyone about us, this Universe could do with a lot of love! But self-sacrifice is not loved. For people to grow emotionally, they have to take their own paths. God has granted humanity that freedom, and it is important that we allow others that freedom too. We should help because it’s a feel-good factor for us, and not for the reason that there are other who depend on us for their daily dose of energy, and definitely not because we feel that we have to.

The Issue:

Empaths have lost the way; we have missed our true calling of self-evolvement.

We put all our energies out there, get swamped and then switch ourselves off.

In this, we completely miss trying to understand how it makes us feel, and instead focus on the emotions of those around us, trying to fix their emotions and trying to get ourselves to feel better from it. It seems like an easy way out because it doesn’t seem risky. Our own feelings, on the other hand, frighten us to death.

And this is because Empaths have been told all our lives that are weakening to feel our own emotions, and almost all of us have emotional baggage in the form of abuse, broken hearts and other hurts we are too scared to look at. Our being Sensitive makes us too susceptible to pain.

But, giving our attention to those about us does not solve our problems. It acts as a great distraction, but not a solution. It is not empowering for us and disempowering for others.

It might at the most only make us feel worthy and important, and needed in the Now, but over time, it kicks off a dependency upon the people whom we think we’re helping that it completely drains our power. We have remained with us nothing. And that nothing feels so heavy that we attempt to hide it along with the other negative emotions within us that would give us a heads-up that we’re headed in the wrong direction, and return to the energy vampires. It gives us a reason for being and is like an addiction to feeling high and happy.

And when the temporary feel-good fades away, the feeling of loneliness returns with full force. None of our friends, even the closest of them would actually know us for what we are, because we have hidden our true nature with our emotions, trying to instead focus on healing the world around us and wasting our energy to fulfil its endless need, giving and giving to something that can never give us anything back.

So how do we resolve it?

My lessons are to let yourself feel. Feel!

Do not make the mistake of cutting yourself off from your emotions.

It is a part of what makes you, you – the power to feel and to feel deeply. It is the power of this Universe, and of humanity itself. You will create a connection of empathy between yourself and the energy about you if you begin to let yourself feel the emotions swirling within you, and return those emotions to the world using your powers to tune it to yourself using your Sensitivities.

You will be able to create a reality of your own, that is suited for your self-evolution and to help you grow. With your internal Vista in harmony with your mind, your surroundings will also begin to tune into your soul. That is how you will be able to give to the world the love it craves, the peace it needs. That will be compassion in its deepest sense, and it begins from inside of you.

This Universe we live in is moving and vibrating at all time. And our emotions are the best tuning forks we have to capture these vibrations. Thus, our emotions and our sensitivities are our power, our supernatural abilities.

It doesn’t weaken you. The sensitivity to the vibrations of the Universe, in fact, provide you with the energy and strength to move within the grid of consciousness, wherever you may wish to go. It is not only physical strength that is needed, and it is not related to the logic of life – it is the intelligence of the Universe and its vibrations.

It is as easy as knowing what makes you feel good, and what doesn’t, and moving toward that which makes you feel powerful. But you wouldn’t recognise it until you tune in!

Tuning In

Look inside of yourself.

Let yourself see emotionally where you stand, without feeling judgmental or trying to search or identify anything. Your emotions are not a person, they are not you. They are only tuning forks, pointers that will lead you to go where you both want, and need to be.

Allow yourself to feel the enlightening, fostering power of your own being, and learn to love yourself so that you are able to free your soul from the nothingness of the dependency you have left behind.

Do not let anything make you think or feel that your emotions are a weakness; that is a lie. It is not to make yourself susceptible to hurt if you allow your emotions to surface. Do not ignore your heart.

Let yourself feel. Your emotions are what make your strong, they are the weapon for your superpower.

Use your weapon.

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