Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Got a crying baby on your hands? Have no fear, because Dr. Hamilton from Pacific Ocean Pediatrics in Santa Monica, CA, is here to save the day. With a video that’s quickly going viral, Dr. Hamilton knows the special secret to calm a crying baby — and with 30 years of experience, he should know! He uses this sweet, simple technique to quiet infants during those very important early office visits. It’s called “The Hold,” and it’s very easy to achieve.

First, Dr. Hamilton picks up the baby. He then folds the baby’s arms across the chest in front of his body, then secures the arms. With the fleshy part of his hand, he very gently holds the baby’s bottom while rocking him up and down at a 45-degree angle. Within seconds, you can see the baby is instantly comforted. “You can shake their booty and generally, by doing this, the child will quiet down.” Remember, every movement is very gentle — it’s never rough, and there should be no sharp movements.

If the baby still won’t stop crying after trying this technique, Dr. Hamilton suggests your baby is perhaps not feeling well, or is simply hungry.

Parents have learned “The Hold” and have experienced great success at home.

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